In the "New York Herald"...
November 26, year 1911...
there is an account
of the hanging of three men.

They died for the murder
of Sir Edmund William Godfrey...

husband, father, pharmacist...
and all-around
gentleman resident...

of Greenberry Hill, London.
He was murdered
by three vagrants...

whose motive was simple robbery.
They were identified as...
Joseph Green...
Stanley Berry...
and Daniel Hill.
Green, Berry, Hill.
And I would like to think this
was only a matter of chance.

As reported
in the "Reno Gazette..."

June of 1983...
there is the story of a fire...
the water that it took
to contain the fire...

and a scuba diver
named Delmer Darion.

Employee of the Nugget Hotel
and Casino, Reno, Nevada...

engaged as a blackjack dealer.
Well-liked and well-regarded...
as a physical, recreational,
and sporting sort...

Delmer's true passion
was for the lake.

As reported by the coroner,
Delmer died of a heart attack...

somewhere between
the lake and the tree...

but most curious side note...
is the suicide the next day
of Craig Hansen...