Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski

...flailing wildly, completely
hysterical, snow-white in the face.

He was foaming at the mouth,
and he moved like this...

Something came floating down
like leaves -they were his shirts...

...his screams were incredibly shrill.
He could actually break
wine glasses with his voice.

And three octaves too high he
screamed, 'Klara! You pig! '

The thing was, she hadn't ironed
his shirt collars neatly enough.

Klara had him living here for free,
fed him and did his laundry.

One day a theater critic had
been invited for dinner.

He hinted that having watched a
play in which Kinski had a small roll...

...he would mention him as
outstanding and extraordinary.

At once, Kinski threw 2 hot potatoes
and the cutlery into his face.

He jumped up and screamed:
"I was not excellent!
I was not extraordinary!
I was monumental!
I was epochal!"
All this made a very deep
impression on me then...

...and that I would work with him
later and make five feature films...

You would never
have thought that.

No, that was never on
my horizon at the time.

It was beyond my
furthest thoughts.

Did he ever have any training as
an actor while he was here?

He was self-taught.
At times you could hear him in
his closet, for ten hours non-stop...

...doing his voice and

It was absolutely incredible.
He pretended to be a genius who
had fallen straight from heaven...

...and who had obtained his
gift by the grace of God.

in reality, it was incredible, how
much he trained himself.

At that time, during his poetry
recitals, he still had this artificial...