Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski

:09:04 intonation of the Fifties,
a kind of a snorting snarl.

He mastered it to perfection.
And this is where I lived with him...
...and so knew what to expect,
if I was to work with him.

...saltpeter, blazing

:09:28 the urine of a
donkey in heat...

:09:32 snakes' poison,
old hags' spittle...

:09:35 dog shit and
foul bath-water...

:09:40 wolf's milk, gall of o xen
and flooded latrines.

in this juice...
...thou shalt stew
the slanderers.

in a tomcat's brain
who ceased to fish...

:09:59 the foam that dribbles
from the teeth of rabid dogs...

...mixed with monkey's piss,
in bristles from a hedgehog torn...

:10:07 a rain barrel,
where vermin crawl...

...perished rats and the
festering slime of...

...toad-stools, glowing at night...
:10:17 horses' snot and in hot glue.
in this juice...
...shall the slanderers stew.
Peru, the train tracks along
the Urubamba river...

...Kinski's and my river of
destiny so to speak.

I wanted to retrace
some of our steps.

The first film we did together
was "Aguirre, the Wrath of God"...

...which started here.
It was my sixth film and I
was 28 at the time.

I had sent Kinski my screenplay.
Two nights later, at 3am, I was
awakened by the phone.