Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski

I also had the feeling that this
scene without any faces...

...would stick in the spectators'
minds for a long time.

Kinski raved about my
being a megalomaniac.

I answered him back:
"That makes two of us!"

Finally, at 11 am, everything
opened up, and here...

...on the right-hand side, very
strangely, the clouds stayed put...

...and to the left they parted and
then the file of people came down.

While we were shooting, I
had a very profound feeling...

:18:46 if the grace of God was with
this film and with me.

As if I were witnessing
something extraordinary...

...which I would never see again.
I can say, that on this day I definitely
came to know my own destiny.

2000 ft. Below Machu Picchu, the
Urubamba flows around...

...the inka Site and the
rocky peak nearby.

During the dry season
the boulders are in the open...

...but the water can
rise rapidly here by 40 feet.

This is what the same
place looks like at high water.