Mein liebster Feind - Klaus Kinski

I can't see anything.
I can't see anything.
One should see it,
grab it with one's fists.

What's the matter, Franz?
Your brain is raging.

Many folks go through this lane.
You talk with whom you want.
What does it matter to me.

There... there he stood?
Like this with you?
I wish it had been me.
I can't keep people
from the street and...

...keep them from
bringing their mouths.

And not leaving their lips at home.
Such a shame,
they're so beautiful...

...but wasps like
to settle on them.

What kind of wasp
has stung you?

A sin, so thick and broad.
It stinks so badly...

:45:06 could smoke out the
little angels from heaven.

You have a red mouth, Marie...
...and no blister on it.
- Franz, you are talking in a fever!
- I saw him.

Two good eyes see
a lot in sunshine.

Did he stand there?
Like this? Like this?

As the world is...
...many people can
stand in one place.

Dare touch me, Franz!
I'd rather have a knife in my
body than your hand on mine.

...something must be on her.