Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

that's dampened and wet...
with this
highly conductive urine.

Fortunately, there has
never been an accident.

But it's quite possible for
the urine to conduct electricity
and shock a guard.

And nobody should have to
place his life in jeopardy...

because an execution
is being conducted.

This is much the same thing
that goes on
with the gas chambers.

With the defective equipment
that exists,

every time
there's a gas execution...

it's an accident
waiting to happen.

There is a major danger
of leakage,

and I honestly believe
and I wish...

that those remaining few states
that are utilizing gas...

would do away
with the gas chamber...

and go to lethal injection
or some other procedure...

which wouldn't place in danger
the lives of witnesses
and prison officials...

who have to be at that execution
to see that the execution
conforms with the law.

Being familiar with
all of the four systems
that we use,

I would much rather
be electrocuted,

providing that you were gonna
electrocute me on the system
that's in Tennessee.

I don't want to be
electrocuted in Virginia.

I don't want to be
electrocuted in Florida.

I don't want to be
electrocuted in Alabama.

I don't want to be Mr. Tafero
or have my eyeballs
blown across the room.

I'd like the execution procedure
to go smoothly.

I have often been asked,
generally by some type
of adverse party,

whether I sleep at night,
or how well I sleep at night.

My answer
is always the same.

I sleep very well at night,
and I sleep with
the comforting thought...

of knowing that those persons
that are being executed
with my equipment,