Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

I knew because
I was taught that they had
gas executions there.

But I subsequently
found out...

that the concentration camps
were, in effect,
slave labor camps.

It doesn't make much sense
that they would take an
entire force of slave labor...

and execute them.
You get into a situation
where you start thinking
about what happened,

you look at the facilities,
none of it seems to make
any sense.

If I were to take
any one of the facilities...

and attempt to conduct
a gas execution in them today,

and the facilities
haven't changed at all
since 1942 or 194 1,

then what, in effect, I'd do is,
I'd kill myself and everybody
helping me do the execution.

I certainly don't have
a death wish,

and I don't think
the German S.S.
had a death wish.

If those facilities
could be made competent
for an execution,

I would be the one
that would be able
to do that.

I assure you that nobody could
do that better than I could.

[ Van Pelt ]
Leuchter has said
a number of times...

that the place
wasn't touched.

Just open your eyes.
You realize that
this is utter nonsense.

Virtually every brick,
which was located in 1944
in one place,

has been relocated
to another place.

Where are all the bricks
of the crematoria?

It's an interesting question.
There's some mountain of bricks
in Crematorium Five,

but for the rest
there are no bricks.

I think I know
where they are.

The real places to sample
are the farmhouses to the west
of the crematoria,

the farmhouses
where people are living,