And I discovered that these girls
did not love me for myself.

The majority didn't even like me. But
they'd have gladly become Mrs. Skipperton.

Can you imagine that? Marrying somebody
just because they've got money?

I gotta pee.
Can I ask you something?
This town is called Mumford.

Been that way since 18... 180... 1813, right?
Here's the question.
Your name is Mumford too.

Is that the question?
You moved here from back east
and your name is the same as this town?

Far out!
Don't think I want you to do this for free.
We play it like friends,
but I'll pay you like a doctor.

- I understand.
- I have a lot of money.

- Know how much?
- I won't tell you what I've got.

- I've got three big ones.
- I'm impressed.

I couldn't make $3 million ever.
No, no. I have $3 billion.
- There you go.
- Thank you.

- Dr. Mumford.
- Mr. Crisp. I was looking for a ladder.

Could you come with me, please?
I should have come to your office.
I was gonna, but you walked in here.

That's all right.
My daughter, Sofie. She's got a problem.