My Son the Fanatic

Ah, he was a greedy little boy.
You are easily made happy...
and like things
always to be the same.

Thas why you never made a success.
Not a success?
- Driving taxi for 25 years is not a...
- All right.

All right!
[Angry Voices Arguing]
[Door Slams]
[Arguing Continues]
- [Farid] Madelaine!
- [Madelaine] Don't walk away from me!

- Just stand still, Farid.
- Madelaine, stop embarrassing yourself.

[Farid]Just why don't you...
Just go!

- [Vacuum Whirring]
- Now! I want you to go right now!

Where is she going?
- Why are you fighting?
- Why do people fight?

Whas the problem here?
Can I help you, Farid?

Here's 300 now.
I'll give you the rest later, okay?

Where's that going?
You used to love making a terrible noise
with these instruments.

You always said there were more
important things than
"Stairway To Heaven."

- You couldn't have been
more right, Papa.
- Where are you going?

To college! Papa, go inside.
You'll catch pneumonia.

I have been driving
12, 14 hours nonstop.

Many times I have gone through
the red light. Everywhere I'm hurting.

Is hell on wheels.
- Don't do it for me.
- Who else to do it for?

### [Saxophone] ###