Mystery, Alaska

Have a good game today.
- God, it's cold!
- The taters are hot.

Right here, Connor.
Thanks. Hot, hot, hot!

- What the hell kind of bird is that?
- Bobby, throw some tape.

- It's gonna be a hot one today.
- Hey, tape!

- Hey, is the magazine out yet?
- Monday.

- Johnny's supposed to get a copy expressed.
- Maybe we made the cover.

- We ain't on the cover.
- He said it would be a big story with pictures.

Yeah, Chuck exaggerates.
Hey, guys, you are
not gonna believe this.

Sarah Heinz.
I know!
She's supposed to be this shy girl.

I figure, what the hell.
I ain't that attractive.

I'll vaccinate her quick, get home for an
early sack, beat what's left of the bishop.

Like this?
- She's much fatter naked. Yeah!
- No.

I'm telling you, she got her February
fat now in the second week in December.

She's riding me
like a wet walrus,

making these fat sounds.
- Thwap, thwap, thwap.
- The boy's got no shame.

You're a sick man, Skank.
- Hey, you got the magazine? Damn.
- The mail didn't come yet.

- Hey.
- What?

- You kill one more wolf...
- Ain't no sheriffin' in here.

I ain't sheriffin'. I'm just
a teammate concerned for his freedom.

Come on, boys.
Let's move it.

It's two tenths below zero.
The committee won't be happy.

- The committee.
- You seen Weeks lately? He's been skating the river.

I don't care. I'm about to be on
the cover of Sports Illustrated.