Mystery, Alaska

He threatened to shoot me if I didn't
leave the premises, and then he shot me.

Thank you, Mr. Walsh.
Reserve the right to recall, Your Honor.

Big doings we've got going here
in Mystery these days, huh?

Price World wants to come here,
and now the New York Rangers
want to come.

Mr. Pruitt, I don't want to hear
anything about Price World.

I don't wanna hear another word about
a hockey game. We talked about this.

Yeah, well, forgive me, Your Honor.
I'm fat.

Mr. Walsh, that bullet
that struck you,

did it appear to ricochet
off a wheelbarrow?

It... Maybe.
So what?

Is it legal to shoot in the vicinity
of people in this town?

You don't care very much for
our community, do you, Mr. Walsh?

- I have nothing against
your community, Mr. Pruitt.

Did you say,
"What the fuck-ass fuck
of a bum-fuck shithole town is this?"

Did you say that, Mr. Walsh?
The game is tentatively
scheduled forJanuary 16.

- Hey, this is it!
- Sounds like fun, Barry, but evidently not for everyone.

No, I don't think so, Steve.
No one thought...

to check with the New York Ranger
players about this.

The bottom line is, you only get
a few days off during this long season.

Now, instead of spending these days off
at home with their families,

they're told they gotta go to Alaska
and play a game of pond hockey.

- This is a joke.
- Turning now to real hockey news,

the NHL named Wayne Gretzky
as its player of the month.

The superstar scored 17 goals
with 22 assists...

Yeah, wait till we beat 'em.
Then we'll see who's a joke.

You guys know what you're made of.
You know what you've got inside.