Mystery, Alaska

Nice assist.
- I will. I will.
- We gotta do it together, man.

Mystery is hoping the cold
of night will stem this Ranger tide.

- Get it, John!
- But the Rangers are right back on the attack.

And a huge hit by Biebe!

It's payback time,
and that one's for Stevie Weeks.

Face-off on the Rangers'end.
Rangers get the draw.

Cangrapoole along the boards.
Lane pitches, and the puck squirts free.

- Jackson's got it!
- Eleven, pick him up!

Come on, boys.
Cover it!

He's gone on the breakaway.
This could really put Mystery away.

They're chasing,
butJackson's all alone.

- Come on!
- Jackson fakes and shoots!

A huge save by Holt!
Holt stood on his head.
I've never seen a save like that!

Great save, Holt.
Come on, guys.

Come on, Tree. Let's go, baby.
Come on, Galin. Let's go now.

Face-off at the Mystery
blue line.

Rangers win the draw.
Back to Rory.

- And both Winetkas forecheck.
- Take it in!

Galin knocks the puck to brother Ben
and carries it into the zone.

Connolly trails.
He has it in his sights.

He shoots...

And he rips the shot
over Gainer's glove!

Yeah! Ha!

- Goal by 29.
- All right, we're back in it, boys!

Wow, Johnny!
Go! Go, go, go, go, go!
Let's go!

That makes it five to three,
and Mystery has a pulse again.

But the Rangers
control the puck.

Back to Wasson. He winds for the shot.
Marden drops to block.

- Oh, my god.
Oh, man! Does that gotta hurt!

- Oh, Mommy.
- He really took one in the siege for the team.