October Sky

[ Gunshot ]
- Quentin, you know,
that rocket went up at least 100 feet.
- [ Gunshots Continue ]

More like 200.
- [ Gunshot ]
- God--

- Man, will you cut it out, Roy Lee?
- Die, you son of a bitch.

- Come on. My turn now.
- Hey, man. What's with you?

Man, we should be tryin'
to get in that science fair...

instead of sittin' around here
like a bunch of hillbillies.

I got some really bad news for you,
Homer. We are a bunch of hillbillies.

Besides, um, didn't your dad
say no more rockets?

No. He said no more rockets
on company property.

Do you realize how far we'd have to go
to get off company property?

Yeah. We have
to go to Snakeroot.

That's eight miles.

It's not that far.
I mean, we could walk if we have to.

Oh, walk. That's a fantastic idea.
[ Laughing ]

- Let's go! Come on!
- Wake the hell up, will ya, Homer?

I got about as much chance
of winnin' that science fair...

as you do winnin'
a football scholarship.

I know I'm gonna be a miner.
I've known my entire life.
What the hell's so bad
about minin' coal?

Nothin', Roy Lee.
Coal minin's great.

That's why your stepdaddy's
the biggest drunk in West Virginia.

I mean, come on, guys!
You know the mine'll kill ya.

Did you ever hear the story
about how O'Dell's dad died?

- Homer, will you forget it, man?
- Shut up, Homer.

A piece of slate caught him right
in the neck and cut his head clear off.

- Bitch! Come on!
- [ Grunting ]

- [ Car Horn Honking ]
- Get off of me!

Hey, fellas.
We're lookin' for U.S. 52.

[ Engine Revving ]
Uh, fellas?
Uh, just, uh, stay left
at the fork. It's about
another five miles straight ahead.