Val still wants to talk to you.
Sorry, babe.
Shall l tell him
to call back again?

No, I'II taIk to him.
Shut him up anyway.

Yep, same as aIways. You?
Yeah, good, good.
Why? Are you there now?
Don't sweat it, VaI.
We aII Iook aIike to them.

Same crew. The Chows.
Twice a week.

Tuesday and Friday, between 1 1 and 1 2.
AIways the same route.

Chinese money Iaundry.
How much in the case?
Anywhere between 340 and haIf a miII.
How much do you need?
We spIit it 40-40.
I mean, how much do you need
to buy your way back?

Into the syndicate.
How much?
-The Outfit?

Jesus. You know everything.
Hi, sweetie.
1 30 grand.
The Chows won't go to the cops.
They keep everything in-house.

They don't feeI pain.
You notice anything about those guys?
They Iook nasty.
ProbabIy kung fu motherfuckers.

-Did I miss something?
-They weren't wearing seat beIts.

We'II hit them on Friday.