Can't you see I'm working here?
Put it on my tab.
I'm Iooking for a girI.
She goes by the name of Rosie.
Do you know her?

She worked by teIephone,
not freeIance.

ProbabIy connected
with the syndicate.

Out of my Ieague.
I wouIdn't know her.

Maybe you know somebody who wouId.
-Why you Iooking for her?
-I'm her brother.

I got cancer.
I want to see her.

You two Iook cIose.
Got a cigarette?
Your sister sounds expensive.
Try MichaeI,
bartender at the RegaI HoteI.

That wasn't the name
I was Iooking for.

The onIy one I got.
I tried to caII you, but you
must have changed your number.

I never gave you my originaI number.
What did this guy Iook Iike?
He had dark hair, bIue eyes.
He was a Cro-Magnon-Iooking bastard.

If Lynn's dead, he did us a favor.
I know, except I'm out
a grand a month.