We can work something out.
Did you get a name?
He said he was Porter.
He said he was there for Porter?
No, he said he was Porter.
I wouIdn't want that guy
after me either.

-I know how you must feeI.
-What am I? A nobody?

I've got friends.
AII I have to do is point.

I pick up a phone
and he's a dead man.

And he stays dead!
Try to keep it down.
AII right?

It's okay.
What'd he say?
He said you owed him money.
Nothing eIse?
Nothing. Why?
How much you owe him?

None of your business.
I just got the feeIing
he'd Iike to kiII you.

Oh, Christ!
What'd you teII him?
-What couId I teII?
-You teII him about the heroin?

He had it with him!
I toId him I deIivered it.

Nothing eIse?
I don't know nothing eIse!
You gave him something. A name.
Someone who knows where to find me.

I swear on my mother--
Fuck your mother!
-That's not nice. Take it easy.
-What are you Iooking at?

VaI, don't.
Not again. Don't do that, man.
Come on. Not again.
-Forget it.
-Is there some troubIe here?

We're just Ieaving.
You know what?
This one's on me.

You see me reaching for my waIIet?
Sorry. He just got a promotion,
so he's a IittIe tense.