WouId you know where he might be?
I suppose he's at the hoteI.
-Which one?
-The Outfit hoteI.

The address?
We're friends, right?
I mean, we used to be.
But I'm an empIoyee too.

The Outfit wouIdn't Iike me
teIIing you, wouId they?

How strong are you?
PersonaIIy, I think you are
the strongest man I've ever met.

But I wonder if it's enough.
For what?
You want this guy
for something he won't Iike.

I'm going to kiII him.
That's something he won't Iike.
What if they grab you and ask you
how you found out?

You know I wouIdn't turn you in.
-I wouIdn't taIk.
-What if they ask you hard?

I'II say it was
a cab dispatcher named Stegman.

The Oakwood Arms, Union and 1 7th.
Hi, VaI.
Where's my money?
I took your gun.
It's back here.
You Iook Iike a pro.