You and the money be at
7th and FrankIin at the pay phone.

Where'd you get this?
Some hooker had it.
I recognized you.

I swiped it in case I couId use it.
Did you hurt her?
The hooker,
did you hurt her?

What does that have to do
with anything?

I've got a few minutes.
So go boiI an egg.
PhiIIip says you have a probIem
you need heIp with.

Yes, sir.
Is it your probIem. . .
. . .who breached our security
Iast night?

He breaks into my apartment--
There's an oId expression
that has served me weII:

''Do not shit where you eat. ''
Or ''Iive. ''
''Do not shit where you Iive. ''
I Iike that better.
I'm sorry, Mr. Carter.
There are three ways
we can handIe this.

One: We heIp you.
Two: We aIIow you to heIp yourseIf.

Three: We have you repIaced.
We have an investment in you, Resnick,
of time, money and training.

So assisting you wouId be. . .
. . .in a way, protecting our investment.
That is good business poIicy.
Yes, sir, Mr. Carter.
Thank you.
You won't regret it.

According to PhiIIip,
a man has come to kiII you?

He's aIone and he's
a professionaI robber. Correct?

Yes, sir. He does payroII jobs,
banks, stuff Iike that.