You're here?
That's enough! We're leaving.
You'll be at the seaside
for two whole weeks!

Congratulations! What make?
You don't say? How come you
didn't get a Moskovich?

Better not. It'll be too
crowded. We have tons of stuff.

You know your sister.
A closetful of clothes...

OK. We'll see who
gets there first.

The taxi's here!
Have a good trip
and drive safely!

Thank you so much.
You're on vacation too?
It was about time.
You too?

Of course. Alexandros should
spend some time at the seaside.

What with school all winter
and all that studying...

We thought we'd get away
for a while. Right, Alexandros?

I agree. Spending some time by
the sea will be good for me.

What grade are you
in, Alexandros?

This year I was in first.
Next year second.

You're the same age
as Stefanos!

What a nice name! So what
grade did you graduate with?