Pirates of Silicon Valley

I don't want you to think
of this as just a film...

...some process of converting
electrons and magnetic impulses...

...into shapes and figures
and sounds.

No. Listen to me.
We're here to make
a dent in the universe.

Otherwise, why even be here?
We're creating a completely
new consciousness...

...like an artist or a poet.
That's how you have to think of this.
We're rewriting the history of human
thought with what we're doing.

Right. Well, Steven, at the moment
I'm more worried...

...about getting light on the actress.
You know what I mean?

Simon. Excuse me a second.
- Michelle.
- Yeah?

Michelle, walk...
Yes, walk towards lens slowly.

Like this?
Okay. Right. Right.
I always wondered what it
must have been like for Steve.

I mean, ever since we were kids,
everything he ever did...

...was somewhere between a religious
experience and some sort of crusade.

Like with this commercial.
It was practically a legend
from the time Ridley Scott filmed it.

Like the book, 1984,
with all the downtrodden masses...

... and that one huge spark
of rebellion...

... against the evil Big Brother
who ran everything.

Go, go, go.
Smoke it up, please.
And you three.
That's right, you'll come with me.