Princess Mononoke

- No!
- But you can't leave tomorrow.

- Can't you stay a little longer?
- You can stay and work here.

Thank you all, but there's someone I
have to find out there in the forest.

- She's here.
- Oh!

The wolves are coming.
It's the Wolf Princess!

Wait! I don't want to fight you.
I'm a friend.

Here! She's here!
- She's on the roof.
- Hurry! She's after Lady Eboshi!

- Somebody cut her off.
- She's headed for the forge!

Keep stoking those fires! Riflemen to the
stockade. We've got her right where we want her.

A weapon for every man!
Everyone defends Irontown!

Toki, she's on the roof.
Now, don't get excited.
Keep those bellows working.

Whatever happens, we can't
let those fires go out.

- Is she alone?
- Yes.

She can't escape.
We have her cornered.

You know she means
to kill you this time.

We'll see about that.
Come on.