Rang-e khoda

Mohammad, sit down.
Your father hasn't come yet.

I'm so tired.
I am left with only you.

When you go, I will rest.
- Why hasn't my father come?
- He's coming.

Give me your mobile to call
and find out where he is.

Don't tease me, Mr. Rahmani.
Didn't you tell him to come?

Boy, are you impatient!
Give me your mobile to see where he is.

Your mobile batteries are low.
Hello. Mr. Ramezani?
This is Rahmani.

Where are you? You are late.
Did you miss the bus?

Aha! Then you are on your way now.
Mohammad is all right...

Hold on. Do you want
to talk to your father?

No, he says hello.
We are waiting for you. Bye.

See, nothing to worry about.
He's coming.

I'll give you a tape recorder to listen
to a tape until your dad comes.

Let's go.