Rang-e khoda

Come in, please.
- Hello.
- Hello.

Ah! Mr. Ramezani, you are late.
I'll be with you in a minute.

I'm sorry.
I can't take Mohammad back.

Is there anything wrong?
No, but if at all possible,
keep him here.

Mr. Ramezani, we are on
school holiday for three months.

Everybody's gone. There would be
nobody to look after him.

I have no one
to look after him either.

Since his mother's death I have
brought him up with such difficulty.

You have come all this way
just to say this?

Do me a favor and keep this child.
This is an educational center,
not a welfare organization.

Even there they support orphans
or children with unfit parents.

Well, thank God
this boy has a family...

and you are a respectable
and hardworking person.

You mean there is no way?
What he has been through in
the past year is nothing compared...

to what he suffered
while waiting for you.

He took it very hard.
There he is.
- Mohammad, have you lost something?
- I have lost my mobile, sir.

Feel around. You will find it.
Go left, left. Turn around.
Well done!

Mohammad, good news.