Rang-e khoda

- Granny, follow me.
- Where to, son?

- Come. I have something to tell you.
- What do you want to tell me?

Come on.
Close your eyes.
Hold out your hands.

Now open your eyes.
Wow! It's beautiful, son.
- For you.
- It suits your sister.

No, no. I've brought them
something too.

Bahareh, Hanieh, come here.
Hanieh, this is yours.
I made it myself.

How beautiful this is!
And this is Bahareh's.
Thank you.
This is for Hanieh,
and this is for Bahareh.

Dear Bahareh!
Go and gather alfalfa.

Dear Mohammad, can you tell me
what is over there?

Where? I want to see.
Oh! This is the very tree
I planted last year.

Am I taller than this tree?
It is taller than you
by one leaf.

What are you
growing here, Granny?

Here I have planted alfalfa,
my boy.