Rang-e khoda

Excuse me.
Hashem, when shall
the wedding day be?

- Whenever you say.
- The sooner, the better.

Well, I agree, but...
there are a few things
I have to take care of first.

We don't expect too much.
This girl has been through a lot,
engaged to him, may God rest his soul.

But they didn't have a chance
to get married.

Some things are not meant to be.
And now you're our only hope.
I just want my child
to be taken care of.

You have children, too, don't you?
Yes, my daughters will be
at her service.

And my mother is very kind.
So there would be no problem.
And I'm at your service too.

God bless you.
People have big mouths. You can't
stop them from spreading rumors.

Since you've come here
a couple of times...

there may be rumors already.
Next time, the two of you
will come together.

- Hello.
- Hello, my son.

Looks like you had fun.
You are late, dear.

I was on the farm.
Are the children asleep?

Yes, they are.
After playing with Mohammad...

they were exhausted
and went to bed.

We've got to do something
about Mohammad.

I don't know yet.
They say there is a blind carpenter.

It would be great if he would
take him in and train him.

Then he could become independent.
I'm concerned about his future.

His future or yours?