Rang-e khoda

I beg you.
I will kiss your hand.

Let's go back.
I will lose face.

Bahareh! Give me
a glass of water and a spoon.

When you pull it this way,
it cuts.

Take it in your hand, carefully.
Then put it here, inside it,
on the wood.

- Is it ready?
- Yes.

Loosen your right hand, let it move
with the movement of my hands. Smoothly.

Listen to its sound
while it is going forward.

The sound is lower when it is going
forward, while backward it is louder.

What does it do?
It cuts. Listen.

Drink, dear Granny.
Bahareh, go to bed.
Mum, do you want me
to bring Mohammad here?

Mum, do you want me
to bring Mohammad home tomorrow?