Snow Falling on Cedars

We're not pulling at the same time.
What? Jesus!
Did any more of you guys see Carl
at Ship Channel Bank last night?

- Why do you want to know?
- To see if somebody talked to him.

Fish went sour when the fog rolled in.
I got out of there.

We got Ferry, Hardwell,
Moulton, Miyamoto.

- Anybody else?
- Japs.

I figured you'd have heard by now.
All right...
- ...if you see any of these guys--
- Art's starting to sound like a real sheriff.

- Do think this was just an accident?
- Of course it is, but a man's dead, William.

I've gotta write my report.
God, I hate this.

Chambers, tell me...
...I'm not gonna get your newspaper and
see an article about an investigation, am I?

- You want me to lie?
- No, I want to be off the record.

That's what I want.
I mean, if there is a killer,
why would you want him all alerted?

- So there's a murder investigation?
- I didn't say that.