I've always wanted to become
a singer in spite of the fact

that Brian Jones died when
he was just 27 years old,

Elvis was 42 when he passed away, not to mention John
Lennon who was not that old when it occurred to him, too,

I live in a country
that is still very young -

in GDR and if it wasn't that
I would have never had any problems.

I'm listening to a forbidden song right now.
Well. It's not officially forbidden,
but everybody knows it is anyway.

There is a certain department in our neighborhood
where they think all the time about
what they can forbid next.

To tell the truth, they forbid lots
of things and they do that pretty often.

My name's Michael Ehrenreich
and I'm I 7.

There is another wall behind this one:
A wall that divides Berlin to Eastern and Western part.

The Golden West is in the grasp of a hand.
My street, longer part of which lies in the West,
and the shorter in the East

is called
People who live in the West built terraces
so that they would humiliate us.

You see that GDRer standing over there?
He's so sweet that you could
fall in love with him.

Come here. Want a chocolate?
I'll drop you one.

Don't feed the animals!
- Where did you get those awesome clothes from?
- How's it going?