South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut

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There's a bunch of birds in the sky
And some deers just went running by
Oh, the snow's pure and white
On the earth rich and brown
Just another Sunday morning
In my quiet mountain town
The sun is shining
And the grass is green

Under the three feet of snow I mean
This is the day
When it's hard to wear a frown

All the happy people stop
To say hello

- Out of my way!
- Even though the temperature's low

It's a perfect Sunday morning
In my quiet mountain town
Well, good morning, Stan.
- Mom, can I have $8 to see a movie?
- A movie?

It'll be the best movie ever.
A foreign film from Canada.

- All right. But be back for supper.
- Thanks, Mom.

Oh, what a picture-perfect child
Just like Jesus he's tender and mild
He'd wear a smile
While he wore a thorny crown

What an angel with a heart
So sweet and sure

And a mind so open and pure
Thank God we live
In this quiet redneck mountain town

Dude! Dude, wake up!
Kenny, come on!
The Terrance and Phillip movie is out.
You wanna come?

Where do you think you're going?