Teaching Mrs. Tingle

Good morning, Mrs. Tingle.
I hear you had quite an evening.
Let me get this off.

So, how are you
this morning, Mrs. Tingle

We need to talk.
We need to discuss what happened...

so we can get our stories straight.
Now, we've taken care of everything.
you're out sick today due to a touch of the flu,
and I think you should take this time to rest up,
let your head heal
and think about what you've done.

Luke, Jo Lynn and I are fully aware...
that our behavior was out of line,
but we're truly sorry,

and we have learned from our mistake.
So, that should be enough for you.
You've done your job.

And we would greatly appreciate it if we could...
just put this incident
behind us and get on with our lives.

So, do we have an understanding?
Oh, Leigh Ann.
You present yourself with
such self assured tenacity,

but your fear is showing around the edges.
You can do better.
Mrs. Tingle, we're trying. Work with us.
Okay, time for plan B.
And what would that be?
What's the matter, Mrs. Tingle?

Are you getting a little scared yourself?
Oh, no, dear.
Things are just starting to get fun.
So, what's plan B? Jo, you watch Tingle.
I'm gonna go to school, take care of a few things,
and I'll be back with plan B.