The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

It can't just get there
by itself.

A sword just doesn't
get there by itself.

But there are many ways

a sword might find itself in a field.
That's a valid explanation.
How about this one?

But there are other possibilities...
Or even faster!
That's without counting
the inexplicable.

Yet, from an infinite number
of possibilities,
you had to pick this one.

You didn't see what was,

You saw what you wanted to see.
This "voice" that you say
appears to you,

is it an angel?
Or a saint? Or God?

I won't tell you any more about that.
I'm afraid of displeasing Him.
You're afraid of displeasing God
by telling the truth?
Did God forbid you
to tell the truth?

My revelations were
for the King, not for you.

When you saw your king
for the first time, was there

- an angel over his head?
- If there was one, I didn't see it.