Three Kings

Pull it out, private.
Pull it out.
Man, I didn't join the Army to pull
paper out of people's asses.

No, sir. Not what I signed up for.
Open it up.
You only gave me one glove.
I only have one,
but you have to open it.

That's how the chain of command works.
What is it?
It's important enough
to squeeze your cheeks for.

You're supposed to make her feel good
about the stories we want.

You don't walk away from her
and go screw another journalist!

I never wanted this job, Ron.
Your work in Iraq was over. Done!
I'm trying to help you.
If you play your cards right...

...she may hook you up with
the media at home.

Fuck that.
Where you going?
You got your star clinched.
So it's my fault that you
plateaued a long time ago.

I don't even know what we did here.
Just tell me what we did here, Ron.
You want to occupy Iraq
and do Vietnam again?

Is that your brilliant idea?
-I'm retiring anyway.
-Until you do, you're an Army officer.

You're still taking care of that
reporter, so do it right.

You've washed your hands
a thousand times.

Lord knows what vermin
live in the butt of a dune coon.

Why do you let this cracker
follow you around?

He's from a group home in Dallas.
He doesn't know better.

Don't tell people that.
I don't care if he's from

I don't want to hear "dune coon" or
"sand nigger" from him or anybody.

Captain uses those terms.