Three Kings

Gold bricks.
Saddam stole it from the sheiks. I have
no problem stealing it from Saddam.

My guess is, he's divided these bricks
into several different stashes.

Just one stash would be easy for us to
take from his deserting army.

That'd be enough to get us
out of our day jobs.

Unless you reservists are
in love with your day jobs.

I don't really have a day job, sir.
First thing we have to do is...
...make sure this is more than
a love letter to an Iraqi.

It's a series of bunkers
outside Karbala, sir.

-Definitely, sir.

The recon photos match.
We'll see.
It's what makes SF so badass.
We got the best flashlights.

Still looks like a series of bunkers.
Three villages a little farther
to the east.

-Seventy-five clicks north.
-More like 65.

Way north of any allied troops.
Perfect. We don't want
any troops around.

Just us and a Humvee
up by the Euphrates River Valley.

Where they put Moses in the basket.
That's Egypt.
We three kings be stealing the gold
Quiet down!
My friends all drive Porsches
I must make amends

Will you shut up?
Are you done singing?
What about mines, sir?
Grid was swept by the 82nd.
We'll stick to the roads.

Will we need a deuce-and-a-half?
-It's easier in a Humvee.
-What if we have a lot to carry?

We'll grab an Iraqi truck.
It's better cover.

-We could say we captured it.
-That's right.

We leave at dawn, back before lunch.
No big deal.

-What's the guy's name outside?
-Walter, sir.

Bolo! Get in here!
-Who's Bolo?
-A guy who doesn't know what he's doing.

Yes, sir.
Get this reporter off my back.
You know who Adriana Cruz is?

-Reporter on NBS, sir.
-That's right.

Tell her I'm checking a story,
and you're bringing her to meet me.

-In Iraq?