Three Kings

Get dressed!
Get dressed!
I said okay!
Do you speak English?
Could you...?
I have a little problem.
I need to know the number.
What number, please?

Operation Desert Storm.
I'm sorry. I need to know the number.
The big army in the desert.
It's an emergency!

You'll have to give me more--
Fuck! Maybe--
Come on, come on, come on!
Honey, it's me.
Oh, my God! Baby, I was
hoping it was you!

It's me, honey.
God, the baby's crying.
How's she doing?
She hasn't slept good, and Mom had
to go back to work, so I'm real tired.

-I wish I was there to help, gooney bird.
-When are you coming home?

I'm working on that right now.
I saw an ad for a computer job.
You want me to set up an interview?

-Listen, honey--
-What date are you coming home?

We don't have
an exact date yet, but--

If I knew,
I could set up this interview--

-Listen to me!
-What's happening?