Three Kings

I count 79.
That means we're missing 41 bags.
That's about 23 million dollars left.
Not bad for a disaster, provided we find
Barlow and not get court-martialed.

How is she?
How is your little girl?
She's traumatized. What do you expect?
I went to B-school at Bowling Green.
I came back to open a couple
of hotels near Karbala.

I'm nearly in the black
when this stupid war starts...

...and you guys bomb all my caf├ęs.
Now we try to get rid of Saddam, Bush
leaves us twisting in the winds.

Look at these people.
Where is America now?
Where is the Army now?!
You have a radio?
No radio, no water.
-Where's Barlow?
-They got him.

-Where would they take him?
-Oasis bunker.

It's full of Saddam's Guard.
-Where's that?
-Approximately 1 7, 1 8 miles from here.

-Take us there.
-We have no transportation.

We'll walk until we find some.
Why don't you call in the Marines?
With what? We don't have a radio.
We'll find a vehicle, you drive back,
get a helicopter, fly in, get your man.

-Can't do that.
-Why not? You have a huge army here.

We shouldn't be involved
in the uprising.

We killed Iraqi soldiers,
broke the peace accord.

You know what I think?
We're fighting Saddam and dying,
and you're stealing gold.

You're wrong.
They have half a million men here.
They send four guys
to pick up all this bullion?

I don't think so.
We need to find our man. How much
do you want to take us to him?

Is this still yours to give?
The only reason you have these bags
is we picked them up.

We'll take our share...
...and we will help you
carry your share.