Three Seasons

Hai, l've been waiting all morning.
Did you bring the rubbing oil?

Yes, the arm still bothering you, huh?
lf it's not the arm, then it's the back.
Let me have some of that.
Hai, maybe you can put a stop to this debate
What now?
You see that hotel there?
What about it?
l was betitng Minh here.
The towel used in there must have
some kind of purfume spare in them.

What is that?
You ever notice the smell?
Everyone we drive from there has a fresh smell.
Like l said, it's the smell of money.
When there's money there's that smell.
Well, it's a waste of money.
We need to work. . .
. . .a whole month to barely afford. . .
. . .their cheapest room.
Four star, five star. . .
. . .they can't match my thousand star deluxe.
What's your thousand star deluxe?
From my bed, l see a thousand stars.
No roof, just a thousand stars.

At least you have a bed.
Are you still reading that old book?
You sure are persistent.