Three Seasons

Come back here!
l need a ride! Let's go!
That was close.
What happened?
Just watch the street.
Don't ask questions.
Drop off at the Marqu Hotel.
Damn, my lipstick is all smeared.
They should know better.
l never let anyone take me home.

lt was great to see their look on their faces.
Thanks for the fast legs.
Should l wait?
No, lt'll be a while.
l don't mind.
lt'll be hours. l'll get another ride.
Fresh white lotuses!
Fresh white lotuses!
Fresh white lotuses!
Wait a minute. . .
Splendid, the white lotuses have arrived.
You must be new.
l've not seen you before.
Yes, sir. l started this week.
These are nice flowers your Teacher sells.
May l have a bundle?