Three Seasons

l said you didn't have to wait.
l didn't mind.
You're not expecting more money, are you?
l was just making sure you had a ride.
Alright. Take me to District Two.
Tomorrow l will work a the Majestic.
There are wealthier guest there.
They know how to treat a woman.
l'm tired of cheap bestards.
You got a cigarette?
lt's too damn hot for smoke anyway.
l could be in a cool room now if l wanted to.
l'd just have to do nightovers. l don't though.
Sometimes l wish l could
fall asleep on the large bed. . .

. . .and let the air-conditioner run all night
until l want to wake up.

That's what they all up there.
l could use a drink right now.
l bet you don't drink.

What are you do then?
You don't smoke, you don't drink
. . .what the hell do you do?

Besides waiting for pretty girls.