Three Seasons

And tell the wind to shake the trees no more.
How many leaves must a silkworm eat. . .
. . .to make a dress of colors from the past.
How much rain must. . .
Don't let them bother you.
For the old woman have sing the same song.
They've been here so long

they think they own the lake.
l didn't know.
How could you?
Let's go back to work.
Lack of work
makes Mr.Huy look bad to Teacher Dao. . .

. . .thus the punishes severely for it.
After all these years
still can't stand this heat.

You just have to not think about it.
Throw up a bag of nut for me!
l'm waiting for the d that corner of ours. . . .
. . .is replaceed by a hotel.
lt's so crowded, we just hve to live with it.
l hope when l'm their age
l'm still not waiting around to give rides.