Three Seasons

. . .my ears escape these windows
to embrace the songs of the birds.

My nose pierces these walls. . .
. . .and naps in the fragrance of my lotuses.
With every sunrise and sunset. . .
. . .my eyes flutter into the air.
Any my heart. . .
My heart has transcended
. . .above the bondage of man.
Until you have treavelled far.
Don not come back here.
On fully flapping wing fly l .
Chasing chubby, Lazy clouds 'across the sky.
And herding evening breezes
through plains and meadows.

To vist the Seas my fluttering sails l see.
Brother to the Marlin together in the night.
Pucking at the moon her refluction in waves.
l raise my bardly which on the rising tides.
Oh rise, gentle sun, golden in your reach.
And weave, dear Moon, your silvery filament.
Unveil away the darkness that over me hangs. . .
One this funered cloth my they ,my Preshiment.
Upon a lake a lotus wish l be.
Scenting the day's breath
with fragrance and poetry.

Searching in the wind
for traces of my formed spirit. . .

The discovery my reflected present
Can l see. . .
that was the last poet l wrote.
Before l lost my fingers.