Three Seasons

Don't come back until you find it.
Have you heard?
The cyclo race is on after all.

Who's my challenger this year?
You know Khoi over there?
ls he the one to beat?
Not only is he entering,
but he's betting he'll beat you.

And you, are you entering?
l don't think so.
You'll think l'm crazy. . .
What did you say?
l said l really enjoy the heat.
To most people it's unbearable.
l remember going to school
and wearing a white Ao Dai.

. . .and near our school
were rows of Phuong Vi trees. . .

. . .with red flowers that blossom
during the warm months.

All the girls would put them in their hair. . .
But if we were lucky,
a boy would give them to us.

And we would dry them as bookmarks.
So we wouldn't forget the boy.