that strive by factions
and by friends ambitiously

for rule and empery!
Know that the people of Rome
have by common voice

in elections for the Roman empery
chosen Andronicus.

A nobler man,
a braver warrior, lives not this day
within the city walls.

He by the Senate is
accited home from weary wars

against the barbarous Goths.
Let us entreat,
by honor of his name,

that you withdraw you,
dismiss your followers,

and, as suitors should,
plead your deserts in peace

and humbleness.
Marcus Andronicus...
so I do rely on thy uprightness
and integrity,

and so I love and honor
thee and thine--

thy noble brother Titus and his sons
and her to whom
my thoughts are humbled all,

gracious Lavinia,
Rome's rich ornament--

that I will here dismiss
my loving friends.

And to my fortunes
and the people's favor,

commit my cause
in balance to be weighed.

that have been thus forward
in my right,

I thank you all
and here dismiss you all.

And to the love and favor of my country
commit myself, my person,
and the cause!