upon her nuptial vow, her loyalty,
and with that painted hope
she braves your mightiness.

And shall she carry this
unto her grave?

And if she do,
I would I were a eunuch.
Ha ha ha ha!
Drag hence her husband
to some secret hole

and make his dead trunk
pillow to our lust.

But when ye have
the honeyye desire,

let not this wasp
outlive us all to sting.

I warrant you, madam,
we will make that sure.

Come, mistress.
Now perforce we will enjoy
that nice preserved honesty of yours.
O Tamora,
thou bearest a woman's face--

I will not hear her speak.
Away with her.
Sweet lords,
entreat her hear me but a word.

Oh, listen, fair madam.
Let it be your glory
to see her tears,

but be your heart to them
as unrelenting flint
to drops of rain.

When did the tiger's young ones
teach the dam?

Oh, do not learn her wrath.
She taught it thee?
The milk thou suckst from her
did turn to marble.

Yet every mother
breeds not sons alike.

Do thou entreat her
show a woman's pity.

What, wouldst thou have me
prove myself a bastard?

Oh, be to me,
though thy hard heart say no,

nothing so kind,
but something pitiful!

I know not what it means.
Away with her.

Let me teach thee!
For my father's sake
that gave thee life

when well he might
have slain thee!

Hadst thou in person
never offended me,

even for his sake am I pitiless.
Remember, boys,
I poured forth tears in vain

to save your brother
from the sacrifice,

but fierce Andronicus
would not relent.