First know thou...
I begot him on the empress.
Oh, most insatiate
and luxurious woman!

Tut, Lucius,
this was but a deed of charity

to that which thou
shalt hear of me anon.

'Twas her two sons
that murdered Bassianus.

cut thy sister's tongue
and ravished her,

and cut her hands
and trimmed her as thou sawest.

Detestable villain!
Callest thou that trimming?
Why, she was washed...
and cut...and trimmed,

and 'twas trim sport for them
that had the doing of it.

Oh, barbarous, beastly villains,
like thyself!.
I deed, I was their tutor
to instruct them.

Ah, that codding spirit
had they from their mother.

That bloody mind,
I think, they learned of me.

Let my deeds be witness of my worth.
I trained thy brethren
to that guileful hole

where the dead corpse
of Bassianus lay.

I wrote the letter
that thy father found

and hid the bag of gold
beneath the tree.

I played the cheater
for thy father's hand,

and when I had it,
drew myself apart

and almost broke my heart
with extreme laughter.

And when I told the empress
of this sport,

she swooned almost
at my pleasing tale,

and for my tidings
gave me twenty kisses.

Canst thou say all this
and never blush?

Ay, like a black dog,
as the saying is.