Get out of the car! Get out!
Nemanja! Nemanja Karajovic!
It's me, Mirko!

Let the man go!
Come here. I'm Mirko Graorac.
- Mirko the ''Beaneater''?

Don't you miss the farts coming
from the desk in front of you?

May I smoke now?
- Hey, Gavrilovic...

GavriIovic, cut that shit!
This is my pal!
Isn't that so, Nemanja?

This guy's fresh from
the Academy.

What's going on here?
- You don't want to know...

The rain makes peopIe go
berserk. It goes for us, too.

What are you doing here?
Don't you live in Belgrade?

I do. I'm going home to see
my father for the weekend.

You didn't know
the road was fIooded?

I'll spend the night in the
motel down the road.

WeII, you can get to
''The Wheel'', that's for sure...

What about you? Didn't you
want to study Iaw? - I did...

but I didn't get far with it.
I practice it, anyway,
and practice makes perfect.

This one doesn't seem that
perfect to me.