You must do something!
Give me your celluIar phone.
You can't make a caII.
- I'll try the Iavatory window.

You aren't going to call
the cops, are you? - Rubbish!

I think I have to go to the john.
It's me. Move at once!
What a relief!
Did you make the call?
- Nope. The line is dead.

What are we going
to do now?

I say... I was thinking...
So, you aren't the kiIIer?

That's what I say all the time.
- If the cops come

you'll surrender and Iet us go?
- Sure.

Oh, I feel much better now!
ShaII we drink to it?

Great idea!
A double for me.
- Sure.

We couId use some booze too.
I'll treat Coric to a drink.
The others will have to pay.

I thought this situation would
inspire some soIidarity...

Solidarity, my ass! Those
who drink have to pay.

I'll buy drinks for everyone.
- That's a good customer!