Maybe it's too much to ask for?
A steady job, reguIar salary.
To Iive a decent Iife.

Is that something weird?
- No, no...

Come on, Iet's drink it up.
Your mouth must be dry now.

Don't move.
As soon as they get here,
I'll send them to caII the cops.

A reaI dump! Why do we have
to work in places Iike this?

Cut the crap, you sissy!
Are you the parking attendant?
- No, Iisten to me...

CaII the cops. I think the guy
they're after is in there.

The cops are after many peopIe.
- The kiIIer. - The Laughing Man?

Yes. You must call the cops!
There's Korenko's car.
The goods must be in the trunk.

You want to see Korenko?
- Yes. And? - He is...

WeII, he was hurt.
- What to you mean, hurt?!

CaII the cops. The killer is
probabIy stiII in the moteI.

Let's take the goods and spIit.
Screw Korenko! - Screw you!

Korenko is my partner.
If he's dead, we're fucked up.

Who's gonna run the
whole thing?

Maybe you two faggots?
I know you've been waiting
for that 7 years;

but it will never ever happen!
If the Laughing Man killed
Korenko, he's gonna pay for it!

Just call the cops. - Move your
ass from there, boy!

We're gonna find the Laughing
Man. And I'm gonna waste him!

Get back! Do as I say!