Todo sobre mi madre

Why did you go off like that?
Won't you tell me anything?
I can't.
Some other day.
All right.
Just don't disappear again.
I like to say good-bye
to the people I love...

...even if it's only
to cry my eyes out, bitch.

I can't believe it.
I look like the Elephant Man!
Don't exaggerate.
It's just a bit swollen.

A bit swollen?
Where can I go with a mug like this?

Come and eat something.
Why did you go
to all this trouble?

Salad-- how wonderful!
It really hurts to chew!
I won't be able to suck.
You shouldn't work today.
What can I do?
Lola cleaned me out.
I have to work.

Look, caramel spread!
And meat pie!

And my provoleta.
I have to work too.
If you want,
we can look together.

Oh, yes!
Since you left,
I haven't had a decent meal.

Well, also, as a model,
I have to watch my figure.

The worst thing about this work
is you've got to look cute...

...and keep up with the latest advances
in surgery and cosmetics.

You look terrific!
Nothing like a Chanel
to make you feel respectable.