Todo sobre mi madre

We'll go for your things now,
and you'll move in here.

Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello, Alex.

You were terrific last night.
Thank you.
- Good evening.
- Here's Miss Goody Two-shoes.

- What's up?
- What's up?

You planned it all,you bitch!
Nina, don't be so rude.
Just like Eve Harrington.
You learned the part on purpose.

It's fucking impossible to learn it
over the loudspeakers.

You think I'm stupid?
The loudspeakers helped me
remember it.

I've known the part of Stella
for years.

- Really? What a coincidence!
- If you only knew.

What did I tell you?
Why were you here
that first night?

Or was that
a coincidence too?

No, it wasn't a coincidence.
I won't bother you anymore.
I'll get my things and go.

Manuela, I think you owe us
an explanation.

A Streetcar Named Desire
has marked my life.

Twenty years ago, I played Stella
with an amateur group.

That's where I met
my husband.

He was playing Kowalski.
Two months ago,
I saw your version in Madrid.

I went with my son.
It was the night
of his birthday.

It was pouring rain,
but we waited outside...

...because he wanted
your autograph, Huma.