True Crime

He killed my sidebar
on the Frank Beechum murder.

That case stinks anyway,
but it's not the point.

- I read that sidebar.
- It was good. Admit it.

Best I've written in months.
That was the one where you say
that the media...

...glorified Beechum's victim
to mask our patriarchal culture...

...which created the violence
that destroyed her.

You're right.
He should have never killed that.

- Fucking-A!
- I would've tortured it.

Well, it might have enjoyed that.
I think it would've enjoyed
every second of that.

Another round?
Another margarita for the lady,
and I'll have my usual.

Not your "usual" usual?
No, my new usual.
Virgin Mary.
And heavy on the...
Tell me something.
If you're such hot shit, why are you
stuck here in Bumfuck, California?

Looking for love.
You've come to all the wrong places.
Not from where I sit.
It's not good. Not smart.
- What's smart got to do with anything?
- I can't do this.

I got to go.
I got to go.
You're married and you're...

I can't do this.
I got to go.
Next time?
Yeah, next time.